Obsessive Ruminations

From 2008 through 2014, I wrote more than 30 articles, entitled “Obsessive Ruminations,” as a column for the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association (SGVPA). I am planning on collecting them into a book form with a title like, “Obsessive Ruminations on Depth Psychotherapy.” In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at these.

The Absurdity of Multiculturalism

Psychology’s Horrifying Descent Into the Medical-Industrial Complex
Selling Desire, Autonomy, Freedom and Integration: Depth Psychotherapy in the 21st Century
The World’s Two Oldest Professions: Prostitution and Psychotherapy
Psychoanalysts as Performance Artists
Raging at While Changing the Machine

“I’m stabbing you right now”: A Case Transcript — The Bad Self Transformed
Kill the Psychologists First!
The Murder of Julia Kraft
How to Soar into Adulthood: Live and Love with Passion and Engagement
Sexuality As Dialogue: The Three Levels of Intimacy

My Acrimonious Dispute (MAD) with the Three Letter Acronym (TLA)
The Selling of DD (Dual Diagnoses)
Osama bin Laden, Symbol and Symptom
Treating Weenies
Hopelessness in the Counter-transference
Working Through Loss: The Crux of Psychotherapy

Professional Psychology and the Seduction of Passivity
Crushed by the Counter-Transference: A Tale of Descent and Recovery
The Human Side of Psychotherapy: Love and Courage
Counter-transference and the Termination Process
A Tale of Two Narcissists
Free Will and Kleptomania

A Psychodynamic Train Wreck: The Natural History of a Counter-transference Enactment
Watch Out for the Big Other!
Confusions of Freedom
Forget What You Learned!
Privileging Individuality: The Psychotherapists’ Sacred Duty
The Psychotherapist as Instigator
And All for the Love of Attachment

Dangerous Psychotherapy Language
Fanaticism and the Depth Psychotherapist
Acute Illness in the Active Psychotherapist: A Review of Early Errors
Towards Thinking Openly: Barriers to Individuality in Psychotherapists